Simple Church “Thumbnail” Bible College

... as uncomplicated, relational, and passionate as Paul’s example

Gather overlooked friends as a simple church in an everyday environment, wherever they are living life.

Read: Romans 16:3-5A

  1. It must have been “rudimentary” compared to the steeple-type standards of today…this little church in the 1st century. But it was where they lived. It was what they had. It worked for them. Probably they had worship, but no fancy instruments. Surely they discipled, but most of the Bible wasn’t written yet. They shared food, friendship, and faith with fellow strugglers in life, but it had to happen right where they were living life – that was their only option. And yet, God blessed it, used it, and we are still reading about it!
  2. If you weren’t going to use any money for facilities, salaries, childcare, utilities, maintenance, custodial care, or insurance (so you could give all church offerings away), where could your group gather as a church?
    If you use no sign, no advertising, and don’t have a name, then in the public eye you are just a group of friends gathering, and you don’t need permission to hang-out with friends anywhere. Where might your group most naturally gather? What does the Spirit bring to mind? Listen to Him.
A large group of people sit around a fire pit during the day.

Living Example:

It’s okay to be the church, and gather as a church, wherever you are. Just ask Christfollowers in the “underground” churches meeting in secrecy in many countries. Or, talk with José gathering his church around a picnic table in a mobile home park. Maybe the university students gathering in a dorm lobby on Sunday morning have a good idea (dorms are “deadly” quiet on Sunday mornings.) There’s no time to describe the car mechanic leading his church in a burger shop at lunch hour, or the day-laborers singing, praying, and soaking up scripture together around a truck tailgate, or young urbans around a fire pit, or mountain bikers being the Body of Christ near their favorite trailhead, or the group in the garage church, or under the bridge, or in a sound studio, or the student union building ... well, you get the idea.