Simple Church “Thumbnail” Bible College

... as uncomplicated, relational, and passionate as Paul’s example


Okay, that is a “thumbnail” sketch of simple church.

  • Any Christfollower can.
  • Begin as an embryo.
  • Let God’s Spirit guide.
  • Use everyday environments.
  • Be Christ’s Body. Alive.
  • Pass it forward.

It’s enough understanding for any Christfollower to birth a church. You almost certainly know more details than Aquila and Priscilla did when they started their homechurch.

A man passes out communion to a small group at a park

"Graduation" is really just in your own mind here...once you realize that God gives you permission to be the church with your overlooked friends, and that you can lead out just like Aquila, Priscilla, Nympha, the jailer, and Lydia did in the Bible...then you've graduated. Now live it out the rest of your life!"

Congratulations! May His Spirit guide and grow you into many years of leading others to be Christ’s Body, the church, being His Hands, His Heart, his Voice, and His Compassions among overlooked groups of friends.

P.S. You probably have lots of questions about baptism, deacons, elders, offerings, and a dozen other issues. Remember Christ is the Head (the one in charge), and the Church is His Body, not an organization.  Ephesians 4:1-17

So, whatever you have questions about:

  1. Mentally, for a moment, just set aside customary practices and the current popular trends in how things are done in churches.
  2. Ask his Spirit to teach and guide you about the issue in question. John 14:26, 16:13
  3. Then read for yourself what the scripture says. I don’t like to use man’s terms to describe scripture, but prefer to use scripture itself.

Then wait until HE clarifies the issue for you,

and go with HIS guidance.

This will last.

(If you use or publish The Simple Church “Thumbnail” Bible College, you probably need to call it an “Institute” to comply with legalities in using the term “college.”)