Simple Church “Thumbnail” Bible College

... as uncomplicated, relational, and passionate as Paul’s example

Any Christfollower can initiate the birth of a church.

Read: I Peter 2:9, Ephesians 4:1, 11-12, 15-16

Questions to Ask

  • To what kind of persons were these verses written?
  • What does it say to you about all Christfollowers?
  • What does it say about you and your own qualifications and opportunities?
  • What kind of spiritual gifts do you have?
  • What spiritual gifts do you need in another Christfollower to compliment you in leading a church?
  • Who may have led the church in Lydia’s home after Paul birthed it and left? (Acts 16:15)
  • Who led in the jailer’s home? (Acts 16:33, 40)
A group of people sit in a living room while two men sit on the floor playing guitars

Living Example:

A young couple in the Austin area, he a musician, she a homemaker, both Christfollowers, began meeting with a few friends and some not-yet-Christians in their home on Monday evenings.

They ate, prayed, laughed, and shared life. A Bible verse discussion time was where they found truth for living. Someone always had a worship CD or experience and another had a kid’s Bible game. The homeless needed food ... single mothers needed beds for their kids…missionaries needed Bibles ... there was always some way they found to give a hand-up. Unbelievers who came saw the gospel as well as heard it.

This group became HIS Hands, Heart, Voice, and Compassion in their slice of the world. They had no church name, no permission but God’s, and no church planter training. But they were His church transforming lives there.