Simple Church “Thumbnail” Bible College

... as uncomplicated, relational, and passionate as Paul’s example

Pass it forward.

Read: 2 Timothy 2:2

  1. Churches are all about transforming relationships. No course, speaker, book, or concert can even come close to a 2 Timothy 2:2 on-going relationship in building servant leaders.
  2. Think of 2 or 3 Christfollowers who “invested” in you through the years. They probably don’t realize how much they impacted your life. Your personal touch in someone else’s life will probably be more influential than any degree, trophy, or title they ever receive. So, begin praying for an intern that you can equip to lead the church. God might send someone to your before the church starts who is spiritually faithful and who just needs you to stay behind the scenes and mentor them for a few months. Or, the intern might come later and become your co-laborer, or start a new church with another group. Spend extra time with your intern. Pray for and encourage him. Let God begin to shape and use them ... it’s good to invest yourself in persons who birth more churches.
  3. Don’t even begin until God guides you to a mature pastor who will be your prayer-supporter, and give you wise counsel. Look to him as your “Paul” and keep your own spiritual life and growth in his watchcare.
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Living Example:

I only knew him for 9 months before he moved away. He was the single-most influential person in my spiritual development. I was already a sincere Christfollower at the time, but flighty, immature, and pretty undependable in my responsibilities. I was only 18, but he began to practice 2 Timothy 2:2 in my life without me even knowing the concept. His “discipling” in my life was not sequential, or linear, but it was intentional on his part.

Most importantly, he genuinely befriended me. I wasn’t just a “project” for him. He took time out of his 70-hour work week to talk with me alone. He gave me opportunities to serve Christ that stretched me a bit. And, he was always patient and forgiving when I didn’t follow through completely. He didn’t hesitate to speak the truth in love when I needed to hear it. He saw my potential for servant leadership long before I began living up to his confidence in the “Christ-in-me.”

He didn’t give me a book; he gave me himself. His influence on my 40 years of ministry has been profound. Many times I’ve thanked God for bringing my life into relationship with his.